3 Best Places to Stay When in Scarborough

One of the problems that many travelers facing is choosing the right place to stay while on their trip. Some choose the wrong hostel and they end up having to lose some of their things. Some choose the wrong places because they are running away from prices. Expensive doesn’t mean the location or apartment is good. You should ensure you research its security, internet connection, meals and other things. Before we share some of the top places to stay in Scarborough, here are some tips to help you with choosing.

How to choose a good place to stay

Create a budget

The first thing about choosing a good place is having a budget. Create a budget on the amount you wish to spend. This will help you know which place is suitable for you. 

Have alternative options

Even if you have a budget in place, having alternative options will help find an affordable place to stay for the period of your trip. An alternative option allows you to decide on what to do if the place you wish to rent is expensive or insecure. This way you can easily adjust your budget since you are already prepared for anything that happens. 

Where to do want to stay?

First, decide where you want to stay. Is it in a restaurant or Airbnb? This will help you know if the restaurants in that location offer good accommodation.

Best places to stay when in Scarborough

The Grainary Cottages

This is one of the best places you should spend your time when you are in Scarborough. It is located in Keasbeck Hill Farm around 16.1 kilometers from Whitby and Scarborough. You will love this place because you will find a games room here. Apart from that, you will benefit from free special parking on this location and lovely Scarborough Castle views. This place has a DVD player and a flat-screen. There is also a dining place and kitchen fitted with everything. You will have an enjoyable time here.

Kingsway GuestHouse

If you love being online all the time, this is your ideal place to stay. It has free WiFi all over and it is located around 400 meters from Peasholm Park. The rooms in this place have shower rooms, coffee, and tea preparing facilities. You will also enjoy watching TV and there are hairdryers. The management also provides toiletries and towels for free. 

The Windmill

This is the last place on our list of the best places you should stay while in Scarborough. You will have free WiFi so you can enjoy time online. There is no need to pay for parking because this place offers you a free parking space. While at this place, you can only take four minutes to reach the Scarborough Train station.


If you are traveling to Scarborough or you are already there, you now know some of the top places you should consider staying. Ensure you always prioritize your security during any trip.

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